Welcome to Arbor Secondary School. A place where students learn deeply and with purpose. In the Secondary School we encourage students to apply learning to some of the greatest challenges of the day, to think beyond the usual confines of the curriculum and to pursue their own projects and research in a way that is not usually possible in a school environment.

Our ecological focus is embedded into school life through multiple facets of school life allowing students to become true global citizens of the future. It is this extended learning which focuses on future-proofed skills, knowledge, and understanding which allows students to develop holistically as they progress through the school.

We help our students flourish as they navigate the complexities of adolescence and the desire to succeed. Our educational programmes stretch students to achieve their potential as well as guiding them to become people for others through character strengths and positive education frameworks. We take an innovative approach to the National Curriculum frameworks with specialist teachers embedding the natural world and inquiry based thought processes into the traditional knowledge based curriculum. This allows our students to learn with passion and with a keen interest in the world around them, becoming leaders of the future.

We are proud of our ‘Arborists’ and know that they will go onto to achieve great successes in life ‘ensuring enough for all, forever’ with all of us guiding them on their Secondary School journey together.

Ms Powell

Head of Secondary


Enough for all, forever.