Governance describes how organisations are directed and controlled; it describes the work that the governing body does and how it sets the values and vision of an organisation. Good Governance is about making sure that the organisation is well-run and governed with purpose, and that the leadership team of the school fulfils the owners and governing body’s requirements.

The way that Governance is structured at the Arbor School reflects the unique context of Dubai and the UAE and enables the school owners to ensure that their vision is realised and that the voices of all stakeholders are taken into account. The Governing Body is formed of two distinct groups, The Arbor Executive Governing Board and The Arbor Governing Board Advisory Council, each with distinct responsibilities as summarised below:

The Arbor Executive Governing Board (the “Board”) serves as the focal point and custodian of governance in the school. The board holds the leadership team accountable for the performance of the school. It is responsible for monitoring and verifying the performance of the school in accordance with its agreed purpose and strategy, with a view towards improving the quality of outcomes for students. It is the board’s role to provide constructive feedback to the senior leadership of the school; the board members listen and learn so that it can impart relevant advice and ask challenging and usefully provocative questions.

The Board Members comprise of:

  • Dr. Saad Al Omari – Chief Executive Officer and owner of Praxis Education
  • Mr. Saad Sharhan – Chief Operating Officer and owner of Praxis Education
  • Mr. Lance Sheeran – Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Ken Jones – Director of Education of Praxis Education
  • Dr. Pirin Erdoğdu – Deputy Director of Education and owner of Praxis Education
  • Brett Girven - Principal

If you wish to contact the board directly, please email the Chair of Governors, Mr. Ken Jones. 

The Arbor Governing Board Advisory Council (the “Council”) is a vehicle to give a voice to the various stakeholder groups in the school and community. This group provides useful feedback on all aspects of the school life and is a source of innovation. An ongoing constructive dialogue with stakeholders is invaluable and contributes significantly to providing strong governance in the school. The Council provides feedback to the Board through minutes, and the school leaders in attendance will feed back to the School Principal. In their role, they complete regular learning walks and also form focus groups to consider specific priorities and projects within the school. The Council provides a vehicle for the Board and School Leadership to communicate to stakeholders the vision of the school, progress against initiatives within the School Development Plan, and discuss ideas.

The Council includes representatives from the following groups:

  • Parents
  • Students (when appropriate)
  • Teaching staff
  • Non-Teaching and Administrative Staff
  • Community Representatives
  • The Emirati Community

If you wish to contact the Governors directly, please email the Chair of Governors, Mr. Ken Jones at .

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