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The Arbor School is an exciting, dynamic and forward-thinking school that prepares young people for a rapidly changing world, nurturing a core belief in environmental mindfulness, responsibility and the importance of sustainability.

Providing a high standard of education based on the National Curriculum for England, we offer a unique ecological approach to learning within a positive and caring school environment, that’s enriched with a compassionate, ethical outlook focused on ecoliteracy, sustainability and environmental justice.

Pupils are encouraged to be engaged, resourceful, curious problem solvers whilst connecting with nature and their world.

We instill in our children a confidence to question and challenge the systems that we live in coupled with compassion and care for their friends, family and wider members of the community as well as a sense of responsibility for their environment.

At the Arbor School we approach education through a multifaceted, experiential lens. This is a necessary component of ecological place-based education and project-based learning, both of which are key foundational aspects of our curriculum. Our pupils are encouraged to be engaged, creative, curious problem solvers whilst reconnecting with nature and their world.

Through experiential education, our students develop a mind-set of experimentation, imagination and curiosity with a special focus on ecological mindfulness and ethical values such as compassion, resilience, and innovation.

We achieve this through project-based, place-based experiential learning allowing students to grow and shine in their own individual ways.

The school boasts top-class facilities, including three bespoke climate-controlled biodomes and learning gardens as key spaces to engage children in a deeper understanding of their ecology and environment. Read more about out facilities here .

The school also benefits from a highly qualified team of academic and non-academic specialists that include an Environmental Education Advisor and Chef in Residence, who inspire the whole school community to think and act differently, facilitating their engagement with environmental projects both locally and globally. You can meet our senior leadership team here .

Students at Arbor are expected to demonstrate hard work and effort in all that they do. They are proactive in their learning, resilient when faced with a challenge and collaborative in solving problems. Arbor students are exceptionally caring, with an acute sense of compassion for others. They are passionate about the world around us and act with integrity and ingenuity when striving for a sustainable future.

Enough for all, forever.