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The Arbor Biopark demonstrates how a high-yield organic approach to growing fruits and vegetables can provide a healthy bountiful harvest – even in a desert environment.

The Biofarm provides a rich learning opportunity for all our students and a unique opportunity to take an active role in the “farm-to-fork” cycle. The healthy organic produce we grow is used by students in cooking classes and served in our school lunches. Some of the cooking classes are held in the garden, on the shade-covered learning patio.

At the heart of the Biofarm is our seed propagation centre. The small climate-controlled dome provides a pest-free environment for germinating seeds and producing seedlings, which are later planting out in our garden beds. All our seeds are organically produced and our vegetable varieties are carefully chosen to thrive in our unique conditions.

Surrounding the dome are a series of raised beds and ground level planting areas for fruits, vegetables and a variety of herbs. Netting helps shade the plants from the harsh desert sun and protects the young vegetables from insect pests.

A short distance from the outdoor beds is our purpose-built greenhouse where a string trellising system allows us to optimize the use of the vertical space to grow vining vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas.

Near the school entrance are two more small growing domes. These domes provide additional greenhouse space for a variety of low-growing plants like squashes, aubergines and capsicums.

Our Biofarm has features for practical gardening – like compost bins and garden sheds – as well as unique features like our aquaponics tank.

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