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Our ‘living classrooms’ include six climate-controlled biodomes; three large geodesic domes that sit at the heart of the Arbor School Bio Park, two of which function as a full tropical ecosystem available for Ecoliteracy teaching for all years.

The third dome is our Eco Exploratorium originally conceived as a Maker Space, this dome has been reimagined as a hub of specialist Ecoliteracy teaching and learning. It serves as one of two classrooms available for Ecoliteracy teaching for Middle Years students and is used by students in all phases and year groups. The school’s three mini biodomes are dedicated to everything from reading spaces to plant nurseries.

The Arbor School has two further specialist teaching spaces; the Reflection Garden, a unique space in the centre of our school that brings in natural light and creates an outdoor space indoors for meetings, classes and events, and the Learning Garden, a community space dedicated to sustainable agriculture and outdoor learning. Here students grow herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables organically and sustainably.

Students regularly visit all our specialist learning spaces for art, science exploration, maths, geography, history and nearly every other subject. They learn how to make compost, use tools safely, grow and harvest different plants in the arid local landscape.

A full list of our on-site facilities can be found here:

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