The Arbor School

The Arbor School provides a high standard of education based on the National Curriculum for England enriched with a compassionate, ethical outlook focused on ecoliteracy, sustainability and environmental justice. This educational vision is embedded within the curriculum of the Arbor School is reflected in every lesson and task.

Through project-based, experiential and outdoor learning, children plan, collaborate, reflect and make meaningful changes to the world around them in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Arbor also benefits from both a Scientist and an Artist-in-Residence, who inspire the whole school community to think and act differently, facilitating their engagement with environmental projects both locally and globally.

In support of this vision, the school boasts top-class facilities, using three bespoke climate-controlled biodomes and learning gardens as key spaces to engage children in a deeper understanding of their ecology and environment.

Enough for All, Forever.

Our Mission Statement

The Arbor School provides a positive, caring and compassionate school environment, in which learners can shine in many different ways. Arbor students shall become innovative and capable leaders, with a strong set of ethical values, anchored by a deep sense of environmental justice and sustainability.

The Arbor Promise

Students at Arbor are expected to demonstrate hard work and effort in all that they do. They are proactive in their learning, resilient when faced with a challenge and collaborative in solving problems. Arbor students are exceptionally caring, with an acute sense of compassion for others. They are passionate about the world around us and act with integrity and ingenuity when striving for a sustainable future.

School Facilities

The Arbor School provides a very high standard of physical facilities consistent with our educational aspirations on a campus area of 30,000 m2. The building will include three big climate-controlled biodomes and three small ones, atria and learning gardens in which students can regularly interact with soils, flora and fauna as a fundamental part of their educational experience.

Our facilities also include specialised science laboratories, art rooms, auditorium and associated black box, libraries, canteen areas, film photography rooms and vocational workshops. In addition to these, our sports are also well resourced and include a FIFA compliant soccer pitch, multi-purpose hall for indoor sports, a variety of outdoor courts and a specially designed swimming pool.

Biodomes and Learning Gardens

Outstanding Sports Facilities, including full size soccer pitch and numerous sports courts

Large Multi-purpose hall and gym

Outdoor and indoor play areas

Swimming pools

Black box and auditorium

Indoor learning garden and atria

Vocational workshops