The Farmhouse at Arbor is an aspiring “farm-to-fork” canteen concept offering fresh, healthy, and delicious meals to students making full use of school-grown produce complemented by the careful sourcing (wherever possible) of organic and seasonal ingredients from local and sustainable suppliers.

The Farmhouse offers three variations of its classic “Chef’s Menu” (for non-vegetarians, vegetarians and vegans), as well as the “Simply Farmhouse Menu” for less adventurous eaters (for non-vegetarians only).

To view our menus for June 2024, please follow the links below.

Simply Farmhouse Menu – for non-vegetarians and the less adventurous eater.

Chef’s Menu Non Vegetarian

Chef’s Menu Vegetarian

Chef’s Menu Plant Based 

Daily Snacks and Desserts

Parents of students in FS1, FS2 and Years 1-3 will need to select one of the above fixed menus for their children as part of a SUBSCRIPTION for a week, month, term, or part thereof.

Students in Years 4-11 will be able to personally select items from any of the above menus from the school’s canteen, where The Farmhouse team will keep an eye on any declared allergies and sensitivities, but will otherwise cater to children’s choices. Students in these year groups will be free to purchase meals any day they wish using credits in TOP UP accounts that parents can control. Cashless cards linked to top up accounts will be provided to each student along with a green Arbor lanyard. These will the responsibility of each child. Although replacement cards can and will be issued upon request, these will carry a fee of AED 50 for students in Years 4-6, and AED 100 for students in Years 7-11. New cashless cards can be collected from the canteen the day after top ups are made.

The fees for each meal component are as follows:

– Snack: AED 10 / Day

– Lunch: AED 20 / Day

– Dessert: AED 8 / Day

– Drink: AED 7 / Day

Parents of students in FS1, FS2 and Years 1-3 can enjoy discounts of 20% for a term and 10% for a month if subscribing within the first third of either period (holidays and weekends are already removed from all subscription fees).

Parents of students in Years 4-10 can enjoy free credits of up to AED 400 the more they top up.

For further details on how to access our ordering system and create a meal account for your child, please see the section below: ‘How do I book a school lunch?’.

If you have any further questions regarding The Farmhouse at Arbor, its offerings or services; or if you would like to enquire about a custom meal plan for only certain days; please email:

How do I book a school lunch?

The Farmhouse at Arbor’s online ordering system allows parents to subscribe to (FS1 through Year 3) or top up (Years 4-10) meal accounts and pay instantly online without having to wait for confirmation emails or deal with payment links.

To create a meal account for your child, please visit and follow these steps:

  1. Activate your account by using your email address held on file with the school. You will receive a one-time password to this email address thatyou will need in order to complete your account activation. If you do not receive a one-time password shortly after clicking on “Activate”, please check your spam and junk folders.
  2. Log in to your account using the password you defined during the activation of your account. You should now see separate windows for each of your children enrolled in the school.
  3. Click on “Subscription” or “Top Up” in the window of each child that you would like to create a meal account for. For subscriptions (FS1 through Year 3), make all necessary selections, and you will find that your fees are automatically calculated taking into account both discounts and holidays as applicable. For top ups (Years 4-10), select how much credit you would like to add to your child’s account, and remember to click on the three dots to the right of your child’s name in order to specify their allergies and dislikes.
  4. Complete the payment for each meal account. Once each payment is completed, you will see a confirmation message from Payfort as well as receive an automatically-generated confirmation email from the
    school. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please check your spam and junk folders. Alternatively, click back on to the “Dashboard” in the system and you should now see that your child’s window has been updated to reflect the validity period of their meal plan (in the case of subscriptions) or their top up balance.

If you face any issues or have any questions please know that we are here to help. You can reach us on any time.


Despite restrictions on allowing cakes and other treats to be brought into school, we don’t want your child to miss the chance to celebrate their birthday with their classmates.

If you would like the opportunity for your child to have a birthday celebration in school, consisting of a small cake of their own and individually-boxed cupcakes for their classmates, please complete the form below.

If you would like the opportunity for your child to have a birthday celebration in school, consisting of a small cake of their own and individually-boxed cupcakes for their classmates, please complete the form below.

Birthday Bookings

Once your form is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from The Farmhouse within two (2) school days followed by a payment link from the school’s Accounts Team, through which you may settle the celebration fee of AED 250.

In a change from last year, birthday celebrations can now take place on any school day, and not just on Thursdays. Please note, however, that due to the advanced planning required to prepare each celebration orders must be received at least five (5) school days ahead of time, and no refunds will be made in the event of a cancellation or a child’s absence for any reason (including absences due to Covid-19) unless notified at least three (3) school days in advance.

If you have any further questions regarding Birthday Celebrations with The Farmhouse at Arbor, please email:

All details regarding The Farmhouse at Arbor including Meal Plans, Fees, and Terms and Conditions, can be found here: The Farmhouse at Arbor – Terms and Conditions (2023-2024)

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