Trevor Marsden

Head of Primary School

Mr. Trevor Marsden is the Head of Primary School. He began his passion for teaching 16 years ago, while studying Primary Education at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle. He started his career, teaching at a large multi-cultural school in East London.

After marrying his wife, Laura, he moved to Leeds, West Yorkshire where he continued teaching in a high-achieving state school. In addition to teaching he also led Physical Education and Mathematics across the school. While teaching in Leeds, he also undertook a Master’s Degree in Primary Education at the University of York; specialising in school leadership, and teaching and learning. A love of travel and a passion for international education led Trevor to Nigeria to work in an international school on the island of Ikoyi with his wife. In addition to teaching in year 4 he also provided training for local teachers.

On return to the UK to start a family, Trevor worked in York teaching across key stage 2 and leading the upper school team. With his continued love of learning Trevor also led a gifted and talented mathematics project for young learners of all ages.

Following his time in York, Trevor moved to a British Forces school in Naples, Italy offering a UK education to the UK forces and other NATO countries. Here he worked as a teacher and inclusion manager across the school. Trevor obtained his National Award for Special Educational Needs during his time in Naples. He also worked with other schools worldwide by setting up a student debate league with other Forces schools around the globe.

In 2012 Trevor moved back to the UK to work as a Deputy Head Teacher. Soon after, he obtained his National Professional Qualification for Headship and then began working, as a Head Teacher is a large inclusive school in Leicestershire. During his time there he developed a bespoke value-based curriculum and improved the quality of teaching and learning in all year groups, which in turn raised pupils level of academic attainment. Continuing his love for the teaching of mathematics and global learning, Trevor successfully introduced the Singapore approach to mathematics in the school developing greater problem solving and thinking skills in children. Trevor continued his commitment to inclusion by expanding the school’s specialist provision unit; providing the best possible education for children with a range of complex needs.

Trevor has a track record of improving the quality of teaching and learning by working alongside teachers and pupils in the classroom to ensure all children make excellent academic progress. His child-centered, positive approach to leadership is driven by a commitment to ensure children have the best possible education, whilst developing personal characteristics that will bring them success in later life. Trevor is committed to ensuring the Arbor provides the highest standard of education in state-of-the-art facilities. His children will be joining him as pupils at the Arbor when the school opens in 2018.

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