Principal's Message

Arbor shall be an exciting, dynamic and forward-thinking school that prepares young people for a rapidly changing world, nurturing a core belief in environmental mindfulness, responsibility and the importance of sustainability.

Our educational vision shall reflect this core mission – not just through alternative approaches such as project based and experiential learning, but also from lesson to lesson and task to task, concentrating upon providing children with opportunities to plan, collaborate, reflect and make meaningful changes to the world around them.

Arbor is determined that all our students shall achieve excellent academic outcomes through a focus on fundamental, universal values. We believe in developing a core sense of serenity and purpose, which fosters within children a love of learning and engagement within their community. Through this focus upon mindfulness, students shall become inquisitive and innovative, demonstrating an innate sense of positivity towards the world around them. When combined with a strong set of principles and a compassionate outlook, we believe that the students of Arbor shall become well-balanced and well-qualified members of a global society, and major contributors towards a sustainable planet. This shall be a core strength of the school, ensuring that our children are given the greatest opportunity for both personal growth and academic development.


Charles Grayhurst

Principal, The Arbor School